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Girl Geek Social on 22nd of October 2008



Girl Geeks is back! But it’s changing.


Be a part of shaping the event and come along to the Pitcher and Piano at 7:30 on Wednesday 22th October. We want to know what is was about the old Girl Geek events that made you come back time and time again. We would like to hear about what Girl Geeks means to you and what you want to see more of in the meetings. We want to hear about why you are a geek and what passions you have, and what we can do to share and build on your knowledge and interests. We want Girl Geeks to be about you and for you and we are inviting you to come along to help us achieve just that.


This is an informal social in the run up to more events coming in the near future.


Old rules still apply, guys are allowed but only by invite from a girl.



or the website - www.brightongirlgeekdinners.co.uk



  1. Rosie Sherry  @rosiesherry
  2. Emily Toop
  3. Val Cartei
  4. Winky Dinneen - sorry guys, I'm on holiday so can't make it but I'm still proper interested in being involved
  5. Ruth Baker
  6. Louise Collis
  7. Rebecca Cottrell / @rivalee
  8. Mariam Crichton
  9. Mary Nolan @marybnolan
  10. Sophie Major
  11. Viviana Doctorovich (not feeling well so won't be able to make it but will be there in spirit)
  12. Vicky Walberg
  13. Julie Adams
  14. Ian Ozsvald (guest of Emily - but not till late)
  15. xxx
  16. xxx
  17. xxx
  18. xxx
  19. xxx
  20. xxx
  21. xxx
  22. xxx
  23. xxx
  24. xxx
  25. xxx
  26. xxx
  27. xxx
  28. xxx
  29. xxx
  30. xxx



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